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Nokia Asha 300

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        Now unique access to social networking is offered by the latest release of Nokia Asha 300 along with 3G connectivity and 1GHz processor. The sleek design and resistive touch screen make it look like cool. Awesome outlook and hardware software synchronizations brings it among the most demanded models of Nokia. The only thing which the users have claimed the lack of Wi-Fi but the resistive touchscreen experience is more appreciated.
CNET Review
        According to CNET Nokia Asha 300 is most demanding phone regarding its unique features and specifications. It is very unique and budgeted cell everyone can afford it. Asha 300 has a lot of user friendly specifications regarding hardware and software combination. Different users made various comments on CNET site some of them show low response and many people showed positive feedback. Majority of the CNET people appreciate specifications and features in Low Price. The touch screen and processor speed performance is most admirable and consistent.

Thinkdigit.com Review
        On the behalf of thinkdigit.com Nokia Asha 300 is best for the web browsing and social networking; the users can expand their social network by acquiring Nokia Asha 300 with full specifications. 3G network connectivity and 1GHZ Processor are the key features of Nokia Asha 300. The 5 mega pixel is very the best feature of Nokia Asha 300but the camera result is not quite clean and clear. The resistive nature of the touchscreen makes the device weighty to use leaving you to some extent frustrated experience. It would have been better if Nokia would have charged a bit more and offered an improved touchscreen experience the major drawback of Nokia Asha 300 is that it does not support multitasking. If you require switching from one application to another, you need to withdrawal the application completely. Only music can be played in the background but the music application too shuts down if you press the red call end button. You have to go into the options and check “Play in background” before exiting the application.

Our Opinion
        According to our point of view if you really want to buy Nokia Asha 300 in replacement of your smartphone then it is best choice for you because social networking, mail and Internet are just like same as smartphones. Make sure that you can access internet via your own phone because it does not support Wi-F and cannot sync with Google contacts i. Except Wi-Fi there is a lot of entertaining features present in Nokia Asha 300. Now its your turn to make the decision.
       4 Nokia Asha 300 available for sale.
Nokia Asha 300 (4)
khurram hussain
Lahore( Map)
Rs: 9,999
Nokia asha 311
I Want 2 sale my Nikua Asha 311.. brand new condition 10/10.. Warnty up to 12month.. All accesries not used.. only serious buyers c...
khurram hussain
Lahore( Map)
Rs: 7,000
Nokia Asha 300
Nokia Asha 300 is for sale with 5 months warranty left. Totally scratch less phone with all access,box and warranty card. Only in Rs7...
khurram hussain
Lahore( Map)
Rs: 7,000
Nokia asha 300
Helo...Nokia Asha 300 is for sale with 5 months warranty left. Totally scratch less phone with all access,box and warranty card. Only...
Lahore( Map)
Rs: 2,000
Nokia Asha 300
Nokia Asha 300, with daba and charger
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