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Sony Erricson W302

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Sony Erricson W302
Sony Erricson W302
       1 Sony Erricson W302 available for sale.
Sony Erricson W302 (1)
Haseeb ur Rehman
Lahore( Map)
Rs: 2,800
Sony Erricson W302
With Genuine All Accessories with Box
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Recent comments

Rahul Says:
Hi Frank, Having owned a Garmin Etrex Summit for several years, I deeidcd to buy an Edge 705 as soon as I could get one. I also purchased MemoryMap at the same time, Amazon had messed up on pricing and the Premier edition was priced as a standard edition! It only became apparent upon receiving all these new toys that one doosn't talk to the other. This is not made clear at all on the MemoryMap website. They say are working on it, as I'm sure you're aware. In the meantime, the only successful way I've found of getting anything into the Edge is by setting my route on MapMyRide.com and downloading it as a course. I am due to participate in my first ever Sportive on Sunday week and would love to load the route as a route . Is there any way I can do this without spending even more money? Many thanks.Andrew http://wmrvawt.com [url=http://pniifcp.com]pniifcp[/url] [link=http://nyjpqrasc.com]nyjpqrasc[/link]
posted on:  07/Aug/2014
Santy Says:
Hi FrankThanks for putting this site tgohteer.I'm still playing with my 305. When planning a route on Marengo, where is the best place to locate a waypoint in relation to a road junction/turn? I found that to accurately place a waypoint you have to increase the scale (ie go for maximum detail) on Marengo. I've tended to plot the route at a lower scale, and then tidy them up by increasing the scale and fine-tuning their placement. However, I still haven't worked out if it's better to place them right on the junction, a bit before, or a wee bit down the new road after the turn.I've also seen a problem when plotting waypoints on a homeward journey that are close (or identical) to some on the outward journey. I'm not sure how it knows which one to follow is it to do with the numeric numbering? I also set up a a more or less circular route with the start/finish at the same location, and despite starting navigation, it didn't spring into life at any of the waypoints.You probably know this, but running an external USB power pack allows you to charge the unit on the move. My one takes four AA batteries. I connected it to the USB port on the Garmin, keeping it alive for the duration of a 400k audax. http://wvfhfxqckut.com [url=http://sximkksxi.com]sximkksxi[/url] [link=http://ithmzhdrcf.com]ithmzhdrcf[/link]
posted on:  05/Aug/2014
Miyuki Says:
Hi Frank,I have been a long time Garmin 305 user loved it for mountain bniikg here in South Africa! I mostly use it to keep track of my routes and training (rather than for directions). I would love to have something that can give me directions since I often get lost! I live close to the routes for the ABSA Cape Epic, it would be fantastic to ride the route, map it, and then ride it again with the aid of GPS directions.My 305 is synced to a program called Ascent' on my Mac (it works like a charm!) I get all the data I need. I'm not sure if there has been a firmware update since you had your 305, but mine does do calories indoors (I simply need to change the variables from distance / exertion to time / exertion on the graph and it shows me my calories burned).Thanks for your information. I'm getting my 705 this week I'm training for a 3 day stage ride (280 km's over three days, over the mountains near Cape Town the ride is called . So I am looking forward mapping my training and the ride itself.Here are one or two routes I've ridden in South Africa (the and an epic' ride in the near my home. Here's an early post when I .Regards,Dion from Cape Town, South Africa
posted on:  03/Aug/2014

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