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Now a day, online shopping is becoming a norm in Pakistan. In the beginning, it started from general electronic devices like mobile phones, computer accessories etc. and then some garment and clothing products kicked inand later on, literally everything just search “shopping” and you will find hundreds of shopping and ecommerce website operating in Pakistan claiming or actually providing goods on market rates and even less with quite nominal delivery charges and in some cases they provide free delivery.
In the meanwhile, online markets took a new turn when advertisement sites gained popularity and people became more interested in buying used product, which obviously were a lot cheaper than new and now you just Google a used product name and you will find hundreds of em, being sold by people in your area or city and the products!!! You can look for literally anything and you will see that internet is bulging with that stuff. But… there is a catch.
Most of the products you will find are sold by individuals which clearly says that there is no assurity what so ever that you get what you see so the people only look to buy stuff from sellers within their driving range whom they can meet in person and then seal the deal.
Here at buyandsell.pk, we follow a unique mechanism, you can get anything you want to buy, like mobile phone or camera or tablet or even a car, old or new, and here everything is just a few clicks away. The product we sell our self are brand new and come with genuine warranty while the ads which you see under the products are posted by our website’s visitors or member, (btw posting ads is FREE here) and you can directly contact them and can buy those products directly and in such case we only act as a bridge to connect the buyer and seller. So become a part of our system and sell your stuff or buy from us, at best prices in Pakistan.

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